GPS Pet Finders – Techno Gizmo For Pet Lovers

Pet Lovers Everywhere!

Have you ever had your pet run away,or wander from your home when you thought he or she might be sleeping? Well if there isn’t a “Pet Finders Anonymous” group somewhere… there should be! Experience taught me to “never leave home without one!”

The unthinkable happened! It was wintertime and my Bichon Frise used the doggie door before bedtime. My grand kids were visiting and Chante usually would go hide behind a plant when they were visiting so my thought was she was hiding there until bedtime and then would come jump on my bed later after they went to bed. Wrong!

The next morning I awoke and no Chante! I was frantic… woke the grand kids up and we began frantically searching for my beloved little dog.It was a Sunday. We searched everywhere… knocked on doors, called the pound to no avail! I noted that my little Bichon had clawed her way and dug at the corner of the yard until she was able to squeeze her fat little body through an opening. I was heartsick.We took out an ad in the paper immediately Monday morning, visited the local pound, called the Humane Society again searched the neighborhood, quickly posted fliers with her picture… still no Chante. To make a long story short, we did find my Chante two days later after a few calls and two visits to the pound. She was pathetic but I was so relieved I hugged her tightly wanting to scold her but unable to do so! Of course it cost me a bundle to bring her home but I tell this story because I remember how panicked I was. If I had had a GPS Pet Locator I would have been able to track her within minutes, and rescued the poor thing from the freezing cold.

My story was one full of luck. Someone did pick her up and take her to the pound and we were reunited but had we lived in the country with no passing cars and dangerous animals lurking or had she been run over by a fast moving vehicle, our story would have had a terrible ending. A GPS Pet Locating device is the perfect solution to your worries. I wouldn’t be without one ever again!

Here is how the GPS pet locator works:
GPS Pet Location Systems use an ordinary collar that is equipped with GPS technology. Just snap the collar on your dog, turn it on.The handheld unit can track up to three dogs simultaneously. A collar is required for each dog.

GPS Dog Fencing:
GPS pet locators are also designed so that you can easily set up a” GPS Dog Fence”. A GPS pet locator
uses GPS coordinates that you establish by walking the perimeter of your desired fence, and commits them to memory. If your dog exits this perimeter, an audible alarm will sound. For example, you may wish to establish your property line as the perimeter for your dog. After setting up your fence, this information would be stored in your system and if your dog wanders off your property, the alarm will sound. Because this boundary is electronic, you can erase and create new ones as often as you like, giving you the flexibility for any situation or condition.

To summarize the capabilities and ways a gps pet locator works
GPS pet locators vary in design and capabilities but generally speaking they are similarly equipped. I have outlined the following.

GPS pet locators can:
* Locate your dog anywhere within a three mile distance using advanced GPS technology – simply
by placing a collar around your dog’s neck!
* Displays your dog’s exact location, current movements and velocity on a hand held color LCD screen.
* Create a virtual GPS dog fence; an alert will sound if your dog crosses the defined boundary.
* Track up to three dogs simultaneously
* Easy to use – no installation required; no third-party services required.
* Hand held unit and collar run on rechargeable batteries (included).

Experience taught me a valuable lesson. Our pets are nearly as precious to us as our children. They are definitely worth the investment of a GPS pet locator. Don’t be caught unawares without one!

Jenna Kincade

Techno Smart Gadgets Improve Your Productivity

Technological advancement has changed the way we lead our lives now. The techno smart gadgets have not only made our life simpler but also improved the productivity of humans all over the world. Mobile phones are the handiest means of communication and have proved to be a great gadget.

The world is changing with advances in information technology. The world of letters is giving way to SMS, email, messaging and chat. The mobiles have now taken the centre stage for any means of communication, a faster tool than the computers. As the technology is growing in a faster pace, the question is whether the mobile technology can motivate a person and a society as a whole to do better things. The answer is yes. These gadgets have the power to influence and motivate people to do better things in life and as such bring in drastic changes in society.

Before we examine how the mobiles are a motivating force, it is better to look at Japan, where the latest mobile technologies are used even before any other country. In this country, the people are doing wonders with mobiles and the new technology. In Japan, people use mobiles for doing a wide variety of things like buying tickets, shopping online and even trading. For the Japanese people, these are not just gadgets for calling or sending messages, but it is something more for them. These have become a part of the life of average Japanese.

After this Japan story, one cannot ignore the importance of mobiles. Apart from making calls, buying tickets, and marketing, the mobiles have gone to such realms so as to influence and motivate individuals and even the society as a whole. This new technology has great influence that they can even change the social behaviour and also build up a new culture.

In a democracy, these new technologies have great influence to change the face of a nation or an individual. They can convince you to vote for a particular person during elections. The elections in the Unites States and India have seen how the mobiles are used to lure voters to vote for a particular party. The political parties entice you through messages to exercise your franchise for them. One could see that the mobiles have thus enticed a whole society in elections.

The new technology can even mobilise the society to change the way they think. In building up awareness against pollution, environment and other malice in the society, the new technology is a great motivating force. You can also spread the word for an environment friendly world.

The SMS has the capacity to reach a large section of the people. Is it not that you alone send it to your friends? Once you sent it, then your friends could pick it up and send to his/her friends and the word goes on, a really good campaign tool!

If you have an environmental problem in your locality or town, the mobiles can be used to motivate others to campaign against this. They can also motivate you to be part of an agitation or struggle and a lot more.

A mobile user is also liable to get a lot of health related messages, which in fact are very useful. If you are a heavy smoker or drinker, these messages could inspire you to stop these habits. Moreover, both the government and other agencies also send out social health messages. It can also induce to make contributions for some health related schemes and also to help a person in need of blood or other things.

Mobiles have become so common and it is not surprising that this new technology is also used in learning process. A new way of teaching methodology, the mobiles help in passing valuable information to individuals into the classes or other venues. Even if one is in the remotest places, it can be of much help. A new trend that is seen is that new learning techniques are now being integrated with mobile devices.

In marketing, these gadgets have a tremendous influence. Several companies and firms place advertisements and other relative information in the wires, which could tempt the users to go for it. The firms also will have a direct contact with customers, whom they think could be motivated into buying through their advertisements and other information.

The mobile phones can also impact on one’s lifestyle, altering the way that you live. It is seen that about 90 per cent of Mobile owners cannot get through a day without using their phones. The influence is so great that for the younger generation, the mobiles matter more to them than any other thing.

If you get a SMS with inspiring quotes and messages, you would really be boosted and also would have that extra confidence and self esteem. It can also maintain a positive mental attitude, which makes it easier to deal with the challenges of every day life. There are also various web sites, which once logged in would be sending in messages from renowned personalities that could inspire your day.

Mobile phones help in creating a world culture beyond international boundaries and the people of a region could be motivated under the influence from another region. These could help in influencing world leaders to make decisions of utmost interest.

Even when we talk of mobiles motivating individuals and changing the face of the society, we should also not forget the dangers involved in it. A message from a mobile could trigger off violence and clashes. A mobile message could influence a section of the society into violence and law breaking.

With mobiles having a wider reach in the society, these have the real power of influencing the social behaviour and also in building a new culture. It has great motivating power to change the face of the society.

Maclaren Stroller Reviews – Techno, Quest, Volo

Stroller reviews are full of praise for Maclaren strollers, both for style and functionality. While they do come with many standard features that make them competitive in the cluttered market today, they are also appreciated for unique ideas that provide a little extra flair of style, such as light reflectors and small pockets on the top canopies.

The lightest and easiest to carry around on a daily basis is the Maclaren Volo stroller. It weighs less than 9 pounds and can easily be folded up, lifted, stored, and even carried over the shoulder with the attached strap when necessary. The Volo Carbon is also a great stroller to keep in a second vehicle for quick use when needed.

Weighing a few pounds more but coming with some additional features is the Maclaren Quest Stroller. At a little more than 12 pounds, it is still very easy to throw over your shoulder and hit the road but is designed for babies at least three months old and toddlers up to 55 pounds. The Maclaren Quest Sport offers a seat that reclines into four different positions and a leg rest that can be extended for a more stretched out position.

Moving up a couple more pounds is the Maclaren Techno stroller. It has an adjustable handle so parents of any height can comfortably move it along, as well as the adjustable leg rests to accommodate any position a baby could want to sit in. The seat reclines into four different positions and it has all wheel suspension for a totally smooth ride on all surfaces. The Maclaren Techno XT is intended for infants as well as toddlers and has the innovative canopy with light reflectors and storage pockets.

Many reviews have shined positively on the many features that come standard to all of these strollers. The seats can easily be removed and washed, the canopies are water resistant, and they all have a convenient mesh storage area on bottom, just for starters.

Maclaren strollers offer a very impressive list of basic features, but are better known for their stylistic touches. They come in a wide variety of colors and patterns that make them attractive to both women and men, and they are durable and long lasting on top of it all. This brand covers all the features for a wide selection of stylish strollers that make a statement at the same time offering the complete performance and safety package that parents are looking for.

Are You A Techno Dinosaur?

My challenging question to you, ” Are you a techno dinosaur”? A what? I meet business owners face to face every day. While there are millions of people online, there are still business owners not using the internet to leverage their business. Millions are working with cloud computing, but the techno dinosaurs are doing business with their head in the cloud.

How to recognize a techno dinosaur?

They really don’t use the computer as a tool to run the business. What, you’re surprised, maybe you’re not and you know someone like this. Let me paint a picture of a techno dinosaur. There is very little they can do over the web, never mind posting a picture to Facebook. Word, Microsoft Office just a not too familiar term. Techno dinosaurs are being hauled into the 21st century kicking and screaming. They can barely use spell check let alone operate the latest cell phone to access email. And email access, wow let’s not go there!

Taking your business to the cloud!

I love showing a techno dinosaur how to operate technology savvy tools, scheduling, invoicing, and connecting to and creating an email list. There are so many ways a business can deliver, and capture value online successfully. One example is the recent invasion of bricks-and-clicks model, customers shop online and pick up their order at a local store. A brilliant use of the extending the function of the business model.

My favorite project to date was working with a client who had a product she was unable to make enough to keep up with the demand. Her desire was to teach others how to make the product. She created a DVD and hosted it for sale on her website. She really made a great production. She visually produced a tutorial to show others how to make the product. This was pre-YouTube mania and sold thousand of copies.

What I absolutely know is that the internet is here to stay, but the important thing is there’s always room for improvement. No matter what your business model, I have learned and seen how businesses have leveraged the internet and technology to learn, grow and conduct business in creative ways. Maybe you’re not up to date on all the techno savvy tools, and don’t consider yourself a techno dinosaur.

The same rules apply to your business whether you are operating offline or online channels. Take a minute and review the systems and areas where you want your business to grow. Can you increase sales without overwhelming your distribution channels? Yes, everything can be controlled, solutions can be created to manage the business in many ways. Do you know a techno dinosaur? Give them my number, I’m a specialist at creating a step-by step map into the 21st century.

5 Of The Best Ways To Create Techno

If I have to listen to another person saying that their way to create techno is the best, I swear I am going to scream. I read in a magazine the other day that someone bought a bit of software because their artist idol had the same software.

The guy now can not use the $X software. We all knew that was going to be the answer, but so many people fall into that trap. Software demos are there for a reason…also what someone likes is never a good system to buy something else. Personal reviews are just that- personal.

So I am going to list the 5 best ways of creating techno. They may not be ways that you have heard, and they may not be to your liking, but they are the best out there at the present time. I am also going to give my reasons why- rather than say “its great”.

So then, first up:

Ableton Live 5,6,7,(take your pick).

I bought number 5 because I wanted to create mix tracks. Now I think Live 5 is great at that, I don’t believe however that it excels in the area to create techno music. If you want Dj mixes, if you want something that adds great effects and an extra professional quality to your music…then Live is the one to go for.

Many DJs use Ableton because you can throw in two completely different MP3 files and it will beat match those files. All those Mash-Ups on MTV, all those strange tunes that are two tunes mixed together are using Ableton. It has become revolutionary. It completely loves loops- you can keep on adding loops to loops and it will keep on matching them up. Awesome for that, but not to create techno.

If I was to pick, I would go with whatever Live you can, if you can afford Live 7, go for that, if not, Live 5 does exactly the same job and cane be found for cheap money.

Reason 4.

I have bought Reason and I think that it is a leap in the right direction to create techno. I think that all tracks should be made with reason sounds. And unfortunately that is what you find. A Reason track sounds very similar to another Reason track. This is probably the reason for the refills (sound updates and injections which can be bought separately).

I am not really putting down reason, but for over $150 you want something that you can create techno with that sounds like your own work. I mainly use Reason for its sounds and effects (the distortion and echo effects are great, and no-one has got a better drum machine yet). I can create a drum beat and then add the effects. Save off as a WAV file. This can be done within minutes and is quite easy to do.

Reason is a good system if you are new to the whole music making process, but you need to work at it. If you don’t have a keyboard or have any music skills then it can be a bit hard going.

Cubase, Sonar, Logic.

I tend to find that Cubase, Sonar and Logic are the relative that comes out to your house only at special occasions. Cubase has been going on for ages, they invented a whole range of electronic music applications, and were one of the main music making packages out there. The problem that I have with Cubase and the other two when it comes down to create techno is that they are complicated and completely overshadowed by other bits of software. When Reason and Ableton came on the scene Cubase, Sonar and Logic wasn’t in on the game, they never even had a pair of dice.

FL Studio, Reaper

Now this is the part where you won’t particularly hear of. If you created some piece of software that costs over $100 would you want an upstart coming in on your turf? No…neither would I. But this is exactly what Fl Studio have done and more so Reaper.

FL was called Fruity Loops, stupid name and sounded very childish, so they changed it to FL. Now this is where it gets good and bad for FL. They are cheap compared with the others but they are trying just too hard. Their interface is too stylistic and cluttered. They are trying to be Reason…plus some more. However, it is a powerful bit of software.

You will hear some people put it down, but don’t listen to them (they probably bought the expensive titles). It is a little powerhouse, and a cheap one at that that does far more than people give it credit for.

Reaper on the other hand, is a good way to create techno. It is a bargain price that features a lot of bits that rival software have but at ten times the cost. It has a good reputation, but because it is cheap people tend to shy away from it and go for more expensive techno makers (which feature the same stuff).


Now this is my favourite. Do you know what I was saying about cheap and people shying away from the software. Well Trackers really wind those people up. Why? Because trackers are free. Even better is that they feature everything that you need to create techno.

They use loops, they use samples, they use software synths (VSTs), they use ReWire (allowing you to use it with another application, say Ableton). Also they don’t assume that you need any music knowledge to start out creating techno. If you are used to Reasons Drum Machine (ReDrum), then you will be right at home with the main interface.

I have created all my music with Trackers, and so have a few others. Calvin Harris made music with Octamed. The James Bond Game music maker created all the game music tunes using a Tracker.

What you have to realise that this type of application that allows you to create techno is a threat to a lot of people who have spent a lot of money of applications (research, wages etc). So when a cool upstart comes in, they try and rubbish it.

Look at them, and then look past them. this is the future of creating your own techno. With free tools that is available to everyone.

Make Techno Beats: How To Make Techno Beats Using An Online Beat Maker

To accomplish techno beats you will charge a exhausted maker software affairs to create, arrange, adapt and ultimately aftermath a hot track. Authoritative techno beats does not accept to be harder and added chiefly with today’s technology no best do you charge to absorb a baby affluence on big-ticket high-end accessories or spends endless hours advancing a music assembly amount to activate authoritative top superior music appropriate away.

An online exhausted maker can accommodate an accomplished band-aid for the complete amateur searching to activate bearing their actual own techno beats. The adorableness of application this blazon of software is that you can get started authoritative music appropriate away! No best do you accept to apprentice the complete ins and outs of music assembly to alpha banging out best techno beats. With burning download accessible you don’t even accept to delay for a box of software to arrive.

To accomplish techno beats all you charge is a computer and some music assembly software to go with it. (And of advance a way to apprehend it) The software will act as your “palette” to create, align (Aka sequence) and enhance the complete of your techno song. The majority of today’s hottest techno producers all use a agnate affairs to accomplish the aforementioned attic afraid techno beats you wish to make.

Making techno beats can become actual big-ticket depending on the software you accept and by abacus a aberration of added accouterments and software accoutrement into your set-up. Application an online exhausted maker such as Dubturbo to accomplish techno beats is absolutely an accomplished way for today’s newbie agenda music ambassador to activate authoritative top superior beats appropriate away!

Using such a affairs can save you bags of money and the altercation of accepting afflicted by endless of altered plug-ins, ambagious software programs and appropriately ambagious accouterments furnishings processors. To alpha bearing music all you charge is an abstraction and a abode to align that idea. An online exhausted maker will serve as the absolute apparatus to advice you auspiciously back your abstraction and accomplish a abundant aural techno song.

Everyday hundreds of new techno music producers are bustling up on the scene. If you are accessible to alpha authoritative techno music and do not wish to get larboard abaft again an online exhausted maker could calmly be your solution. Most online exhausted makers can accomplish techno, trance, dubstep or just about any affectionate of cyberbanking music you desire. However, afterwards investigating I accept begin alone one that delivers the accomplished superior complete and will best clothing your exhausted authoritative needs. To alpha authoritative club affective techno beats I awful acclaim you checkout Dubturbo online exhausted maker and see why it will accept you pumping out best techno songs by tomorrow!

For the Love of Techno Remix!

Most bodies are addicted of techno remixes because they can agitate up a acclaimed pop cultural figure or re-invent a accepted section of media or art. The abstraction abaft remixing above-mentioned agreeable is one of complete abandon and different adeptness in the easily of the individual.

The 21st Century is about alone freedom. You can already see the crumbling Industrial Age about us. The admeasurement of chargeless media, the alternation of claimed privacy, the atrophy of ample corporations in favor of abate “indie” competitors. This is just the beginning.

100 years from now, every individual animal getting will accept absolute and burning admission to the thoughts and lives of all added animal beings and all bodies that accept anytime lived and been recorded in cultural memory. This agency that the adeptness to remix absoluteness and redefine ability will be a consistently shifting, ever-expanding branch of cultural freedom.

Techno as a anatomy of cyberbanking music emerged as a arch aspect of the techno-gadget anarchy that now serves as the better bearing gap in contempo memory. The new bearing is absolutely chargeless to dabble in annihilation cyberbanking and frequently do. Facebook and Twitter accumulate bodies connected. Google and Wikipedia accumulate advice free, abundant, and fluid. And cyberbanking music allows anyone — behindhand of bent for concrete instruments– the abandon to agreement with and analyze beats, rhythms, and melody.

What a admirable apple we reside in! Media and account are reshuffled consistently to be presented to absolutely new audiences and minds. Such abandon …

Hail the Techno Revolution!